"Almond Joy" Balls




Ingredient List 1:

1 Cup Dried Figs

2-3 packets of Stevia Sweetener

1 Cup Coconut Cream

1/2 Cup Cacao powder

1/2 Cup Sunflower Seed Butter (nut butter)

1 t vanilla

1 Cup almonds

Almond milk to stir

Ingredients to coat balls:

1 Cup Chia seeds

1/2 Cup coconut flakes

1/2 Cup Cacao nibs


Chop figs & mix in a food processor Figs, Coconut Cream, Nut butter, Almonds, vanilla, stevia, Cacao, vanilla.

When it seems like it won't mix anymore---add almond milk till Food Processor mixes.

You want mixture to be sticky and not too wet.  If you put too much milk in--you can always add more nuts or nut butter to firm up.

Take a spoon & form into balls. Place coconut, chia seeds & cacao nibs on a plate & mix well.  Roll balls in coating.     Freeze for a 1/2 hour to firm up & refrigerate.   Makes  20-30 depending on size.