High Tide: A Tribute to Bob Marley

High Tide:  A Tribute to Bob Marley is honored to share Marley’s “One Love” message and songs of freedom in a live setting. HannaH, Chef Bliss, Little Lion, and Jah Pits share their jam reggae sound and help audiences to let go of worries and dance. They have performed at venues & festivals such as Arch Street Tavern, Collinsville Hot, and Harvest Ball at Harry Browns.



High Tide was born:
February 6th is Bob Marley’s Birthday. When HannaH and Chef Bliss lived in Portland, Oregon there were many Bob Birthday (Rastas say: Earth Strong) celebrations where they connected to reggae lovers and danced to a live band. When they moved back to Connecticut, February 6th came and went and they had nothing to do. The next year they decided to gather some friends for their own Bob Marley Birthday celebration where they would perform his songs for joy and upliftment.

Their minds expanded from studying this music. The first concert at Higher Grounds in East Hampton was sold out and everyone asked when they would perform this music again. High Tide:  A Tribute to Bob Marley was born!


A note from HannaH:

“My hippie parents jammed out Marley tunes on their record player when I was a child. “Mellow Mood” was Bliss’ and my wedding song. Years ago, we dreamed of traveling to Jamaica. When we saw, Marley: the movie, a strong force pulled us to the island.

In Jamaica music literally flows through the air. ‘There’s a Natural Mystic blowing through the air”(-Bob Marley). I would jump out of the ocean to write down lyrics that seemed to drop from rainbows into my mind.”


A note from Chef Bliss:

“I first heard Marley’s music when I was cooking in a restaurant. One of the cooks played it daily and I was struck at how the music put us in a cool, easy groove, able to execute and not get vexed.

Through Bob’s musical teachings I discovered Rastafari. ‘Take your troubles to Selasie’. I started getting books and doing serious studying and soul searching. I realized that what I wasn’t getting from church came from within and followed Rasta Livity. Continuing to perform Marley’s music strengthens our connection to Jamaica and allows us to tap into the islands energy and the unity (Rastas say Inity) of this musical prophet”.

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