Hannahs Field

The gypsy reggae duo, HannaH’s Field crafted their sound “in the fertile artistic landscape of the Pacific Northwest”. Their music’s “organic feel urges listeners to embrace the same sort of free spirit and open mindfulness championed by the counterculture of flower children”. (Trevor Dye)
HannaH’s vocals have been described as, “evoking a blend of Joan Baez and Grace Slick or a somewhat subdued Janis” Bongo Bliss is a gentle dreadlocked giant who performs skillfully with an African hand drum, a bass guitar and often sings at the same time.
The duo released a musical vegetarian cookbook called, “Music Magic Medicine”. The cookbook was written by Chef Bliss(known as Bongo Bliss on stage but Chef Bliss in the kitchen). Inside the cookbook you will find a message from the duo that reads: “The food we ingest is the medicine that heals our bodies. The music we listen to is the magic that heals our spirits. Everyone and everything carries a vibrational frequency so fuel your vessel with love, light and positivity.”
You may find these two performing across the U.S. or in their kitchen. They love to help heal through sharing healthy food recipes. Check out their you tube mini series called, “Super Snack Sunday”.

“Best American International Boy/Girl Reggae Artist” -Cartoon Networks Adult Swim

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