Oatmeal Macaroons




3/4 C sugar

16 Dates (pitted & whole)

1/2 C raisins

1 C coconut oil

1 T vanilla extract

1/4 C ground flax

1/2 C almond milk

1 t salt

2 C shredded coconut

2 C whole oats


Pit Dates & soak with raisins 2-4 hours in boiling water

Puree dates &raisins & enough water to make paste (food processor works good or blender)

Separately, Mix coconut oil, fruit puree(dates/raisins), sugar, and cream in blender

Add vanilla, almond milk, flax & salt & blend

Place everything in a mixing bowl, Add coconut & oats & mix well

Bake @ 375 degrees for 15 minutes