Hannahs Field

The gypsy reggae duo, HannaH’s Field, crafted their sound “in the fertile artistic landscape of the Pacific Northwest”. Portland, Oregon is “an area argued by many to possess the last true remnants of the hippie movement”. Their music’s “organic feel urges listeners to embrace the same sort of free spirit and open mindfulness championed by the counterculture of flower children”. (-Trevor Dye review)

HannaH was nominated best female vocalist in the Hartford Advocate for many years. This powerful songstress has shared the stage with such great acts as Gov’t Mule (members of the Allman Brothers Band), Derek Trucks, The Average White Band, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Donna Jean of The Grateful Dead, The Samples, Percy Hill, and The Brothers Johnson.

Bongo Bliss is “the ideal accompaniment for HannaH’s earthy, acutely spiritual, and introspective songwriting”. (Trevor Dye review) The dreadlocked gentle giant plays an African drum, a bass guitar, and often sings at the same time.

(To learn how the two met-click here:  “The Real Story”).

The duo’s last release, “Music Magic Medicine”, wove 15 musical tracks with a vegetarian/wheat free cookbook written by Chef Bliss (known as Bongo Bliss on Stage but Chef Bliss in the kitchen). Inside the cookbook you will find a message from the duo that reads: “The food we ingest is the medicine that heals our bodies. The music we listen to is the magic that heals our spirits. Everyone and everything carries a vibrational frequency so fuel your vessel with love, light and positivity. We hope you feel inspired, as we do, to share Jah Love around our community! Many blessings on your journey. Thank you for supporting good vibes”.

HannaH’s Field has performed at such venues as Toad’s Place, Woodstock Reunion at Yasgurs Farm, The North West Organic Brewers Festival, Pearl Street Nightclub, Harvest Ball at Harry Browns Farm, Ziontific Music Festival, and the Bite of Oregon. On a special night they will nurture your ear buds and taste buds with a live music event which features the food of Chef Bliss

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